Aliplan | CAMO Support
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CAMO Support

CAMO Support

As an independent CAMO, AliPlan can offer all the services required by EASA part M subparts G and I either by direct aircraft Continuing Airworthiness management or by providing support on specific Operator CAMO tasks. AliPlan can manage Lessors or Investors to keep their aircraft into a Controlled Environment during the lease-off and the remarketing period.


AliPlan can support Commercial Air Transportation (CAT) Operators that hold their AOC in multiple ways. The main services we can offer you are the following:



• Aircraft Maintenance Program Development


• AD/SB Assessment and Implementation management Maintenance Planning


• Technical Record Management


• Defect records and rectification


• Aircraft Flight hours records


• Modification Implementation (i.a.w SB/STC/DOA mod etc.)


• Repair approval process follow-up


• Damage history review and records


• ARC privilege extension (forecasted by the 1st quarter of year 2017


The software we use to manage the airworthiness is OASES®, throught whitch our customers can have at any time full visibility of the complete technical status of the aircraft.

Contact us for further informations about our services.